Stranger's Random Act Of Kindness Helps Grieving Mother.

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There's no greater pain than losing a loved one, and losing a child at birth tops the list. Valerie Watts had an uneventful pregnancy until the last few days. "All week, I knew," she says. "He wasn't moving as much. I was very nervous." Her son's umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb, and baby Noah was stillborn.

Despite the loss, she wasn't ready to part with the crib she had prepared for him, although keeping it was a reminder of the loss. Finally, she held a yard sale offering the baby items. When Gerald Kumpula spotted the crib, he inquired about it even though it wasn't technically part of the sale. "His wife was there looking at some of the baby clothes and asked how old my son was since I don't use the crib anymore, and I told her that he had passed in July," says Watts.

The Kumpulas purchased the crib and they knew what needed to be done. A week later, Valerie Watts got an emotional surprise when her son's crib was turned into a beautiful gift.