Stunning Stormlapse Video Shows Off Some Of Last Year's Biggest Storms

Apr 4, 2015
YouTube user digicana recently uploaded a clip entitled "2014 Stormlapses" that shows different storm chases. The user notes he is still relatively new to timelapse photography, but he does a great job for a beginner.

The video features four major storms from 2014, including the Mother's Day weekend storm, which featured multiple tornadoes in the Midwest that hit Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas the hardest. The second storm was in Burwell, Nebraska, on June 16. This storm also produced multiple storms in the Midwest, but Nebraska was highlighted with five major funnels touching down that day. The third storm in the video was the funnel spotted in Chugwater, Wyoming, which caused hail and wind damage. The final major storm was a severe hailstorm in Gibbon, Nebraska. There are several other miscellaneous storms featured, along with the Rozel, Kansas tornado from 2013.
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