Super Quick Way To Make Foamed Milk

Jan 2, 2015
With Starbucks at just over 38 million likes on Facebook and nearly 13 million likes for Dunkin Donuts, it is probably safe to say there are many people who love coffee drinks. It is also likely that most of the people that go to Starbucks or Dunkin wished they could have that coffee every day in their own homes for a much cheaper price. But honestly, the machines needed for these drinks are expensive and even if a person could afford the machines, you would have to know how to use them correctly to make the drink of choice.

One of the many reasons people love coffee bar drinks is the frothy milk that is at the top of their drinks. This short clip from America's Test Kitchen explains an inexpensive and easy way to create that froth at home. All that is needed is milk, a mason jar and a microwave. It truly is that simple!
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