Teenager Explains Theory Of Relativity And Wins $400,000.

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This year Silicon Valley’s Breakthrough Prize — which awards scientists for achievements in Life Sciences, Fundamental Physics, and Mathematics — introduced a new category for outstanding science video. High schooler Ryan Chester decided to dive head first into the competition by creating a simple explanation of one of physics best-known, if not understood, concepts. He tackled Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity

Utilizing two simple experiments, and some intelligent filmmaking techniques, Chester crafted this incredible seven-minute video that easily explains the theory to even physics novices. The prize committee agreed and awarded him $400,000 in prizes for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Chester will get to keep $250,000 in educational awards, his teacher will receive a $50,000 prize, and his school will get a custom $100,000 science lab designed by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 

Congrats on your hard work Ryan Chester. Your excellent video isn’t just informative; it will help fund a lab that will educate future generations of scientists to come.