The Charismatic Host Of "The Price Is Right" Is Upstaged By An Excited Contestant

Apr 14, 2015
As one of the longest-running network series in America's history, "The Price is Right" has been on air since 1972. Bob Barker was the long-time host of the series until he retired in June 2007. In 2007, when Barker left, the show brought on funny man Drew Carey to take over the reins.

Carey is a stand-up comic that turned actor and producer. He is most known for his hit shows, "The Drew Carey Show" (1995-2004) and "Who's Line is it Anyway?" The two shows were hits for Carey simultaneously and spawned additional work for the actor. Taking over "The Price Is Right" in 2007 was an exciting time for Carey.

This episode aired in October 2012, and although Carey had been the host for five years at this point, this contestant gave him a run for his money. The contestant, known as Kenneth, had Carey laughing the entire time he was on stage and probably should have been a stand-up comedian himself.
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