The Dark World Of Fake Instagram Posts.

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Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean there aren't plenty of creepy films to watch. Matthew Rycroft's Hashtag NoFilter, however, is a different kind of creepy that everyone needs to see. The two-minute video follows a gruff man as he updates an Instagram profile that looks like it belongs to a fun loving girl in her twenties. 

While it's possible to view Hashtag NoFilter as a funny short about fake Instagram posts, there's definitely something more poignant at work. Our cultural addiction to social media affects how we perceive our lives and the lives of those around us. We're led to believe that everyone is having a great time while we're just sitting at home checking our phone. What does it mean for society when happiness and success can be faked so easily? Even if this film doesn't answer those questions, it does get us thinking about our relationship with social media. At the very least, the next time your friend posts a flawless shot of their beach legs, remember that there's more to every photo than what's inside the frame.