The Kids Of The PS22 Choir Sing "Hallelujah".

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"Hallelujah" just might be one of the most beautiful songs ever written; it's certainly one of the most frequently covered. Whether it's performed by classical musicians, two friends on pianos or Leonard Cohen himself, it's always unfailingly gorgeous. But despite the sheer number of versions, when the PS22 Chorus belt it out, it's absolutely unforgettable. 

The choir is made up of students from PS22, an elementary school in Staten Island. Each year, about 65 kids make the cut for the now-famous choir and gain the chance to perform for millions. The group has teamed up with famous musicians, such as Katy Perry and Stevie Nicks, and took the stage at the 83rd Academy Awards. On YouTube, their videos have garnered over 65 million views.