The Magical World Of Disney Sets Up A Shopping-Mall Surprise

Feb 19, 2015
In Long Island, the middle of winter is the time of year when residents begin to feel as if the snow and cold will never end. Disney's new campaign, which aims to show people their "Disney Side," decided to surprise some shoppers at a local mall with something that may have helped to thaw them out for a bit.

A pop-up store was set up in the mall by Disney. As shoppers wandered by the Umbra Penumbra store that was "established in 1955" (the same year as the theme park), they were surprised by their own shadows. Why? Well, their shadows had taken on the form of Mickey Mouse and friends. Shoppers filled the mall with laughter and unbeknownst to them, it was recorded, including the reactions of children and adults alike when the characters came out to play.
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