The Most Incredible Thing About This Portrait Is The Pair Of Hands That Drew It

Feb 5, 2015
Xiaonan Sun, a talented sketch artist, creates life-like portraits of celebrities and posts his timelapse videos of them on one of the highest rated art channels on YouTube. But, it's not enough that this young artist can draw using one hand, as he can sketch using two hands simultaneously, with equally impressive results. What is even more impressive is that Sun is self-taught.

While attending business school, he would doodle in class and decided to try his hand at art. While first tinkering with painting, he found it too messy and moved on to charcoal sketching after being inspired by timelapse YouTube videos. It usually takes Sun two to three hours to complete a portrait, regardless of whether he uses one or both hands. Sun offers his services through his website and posts timelapse videos of his sketches on his YouTube channel.
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