The Secret To How Advanced Technology Is Able To Trick Your Senses

Apr 13, 2015
A big key phrase in the technology world as of late has been virtual reality. Often referred to simply as VR, virtual reality is a computer simulation that creates the experience and impression of being in some location, real or imaginary. First used in 1994, it has expanded from very specific use to having practical applications in the education field and even as a personal product, the Oculus Rift being one of the most popular.

At the F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, Michael Abrash, the head scientist behind Facebook's Oculus, gave a presentation outlining exactly what it is that allows us to be convinced by Virtual Reality. Abrash relates Virtual Reality's effect on our senses to that of visual and auditory illusions. The same way that illusions trick our brains, Virtual Reality draws us into the very same trap.
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