The "True Mirror" Allows You To See Yourself As You Really Are.

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Looking in a mirror is almost a trick of sorts. In other words, when a person looks at their reflection, they are not seeing themselves as the rest of the world does. In reality, they are seeing themselves in reverse. For example, if a person looks in a mirror and raises their right hand, the reflection actually raises its left one. The True Mirror, on the other hand, allows the viewer to see things "as everyone else does" because it does not reverse the image, like a reflection normally does.

First patented in 1887, the True Mirror actually uses two mirrors that are placed at right angles from one another. In order to adjust any alignment issues between the two mirrors, there is an adjustment button on the side of the True Mirror. Although it is a novelty, it is an interesting concept to see oneself the exact way everyone else does, rather than in reverse.

Grand Illusions is the official European distributor for the True Mirror, but the items can also be ordered online.