There's A Reason He's World-Famous For Being The "Human Orchestra"

Feb 4, 2015
Daichi Beatboxer is a YouTube sensation and has been entertaining the masses for several years. The 23-year-old performer posted a video demonstrating his vocal beatboxing skills at age 18. This video has since gone on to gain over 87 million views, and in 2012 Daichi was the third place winner of Apollo Theater Amateur Night.

In this video, Daichi shows off the limitless potential that a looping station (the Boss RC-505, in this case) can have in the hands of someone as creative as him. Looping stations/pedals have become a very popular accessory in music these days, because they allow artists with very limited equipment to still sound like a full band. Daichi shows us that in the hands of the right user, you'd never know it was just a machine.
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