These Are Some Words To Live By When Trying To Balance Work And Family.

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With a quick Google search, it was easy to see that the "live to work" mentality is often associated with Americans. Although this line of thinking might also be acceptable in other nations, the search showed that not only is this ideal held high in the U.S., but it is something that is thought to be ingrained in the masses.

Prince Ea is challenging this pattern by asking if it's really so bad to "work to live," rather than the other way around. Unlike Americans, the Aussies are known to have the "work to live" mindset, according to author Stephan Aarstol. To work on living, he suggests that one must try some or all of the following ideas: travel, live with an open mind, educate yourself and confront your fears.

Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams, is an American rapper, entrepreneur and activist whose main purpose is to motivate others to make positive choices in their lives.