These Autistic Band Members Are Overcoming Monumental Hurdles With Pure Talent

Aug 21, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
If you hang around the UK music scene, you might run into a talented new rock band known as The AutistiX. Though their airtight guitar riffs would make them stand out on their own, The AutistiX are unique in that every member of the band falls somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Conveying one's true feelings is an easy task for most people, but for individuals with mild to severe autism, it is sometimes near impossible. What better way to tell people how you feel than with music? Music is a wonderful form of expression, and these boys are using it to not only show their skills but also to express a part of themselves they couldn't otherwise share off stage. The AutistiX are a must-hear for any rock-and-roll fan.
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