These Goats Have An Unusual Hangout Spot

Feb 16, 2015
In the southwest of Morocco, it's not shocking for natives to see goats in the trees, though for tourist Robert Beal it was pretty out of the ordinary. Traveling between Marrakech and Essaouira in Morocco, Robert witnessed and recorded 16 goats resting on top of large trees. But these goats don't just go around climbing any old tree. These goats have a taste for a very specific tree -- the Argania spinosa.

The Argan tree is a species native to Morocco and a small region of Algeria. With a strong appetite for the fruit of the Argan tree, these goats are willing to climb up nearly 30 feet just to get it. While the Argan tree itself isn't very beautiful, the area still receives many visitors due to the ridiculous sight of these tree-climbing goats.
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