These Guys Pour Paint On A Stage And Let Gravity Do Its Thing

Feb 24, 2015
Art comes in many shapes and forms, and one particularly fascinating form is pour painting. Pour painting is simply pouring, dripping, or puddling acrylic paint on a surface and letting it create its own form without the use of brushes or other tools. When they're starting on the right surface, pour paintings can turn out to be incredible pieces of artwork.

Holton Rower is a New York-raised pour painter who's currently living in Brooklyn Heights. Rower has a kaleidoscopic painting series, Pour, that director David Kaufman decided to capture. In Kaufman's video "Tall Painting," he captures the elongated process of just one of these paintings as well as the magnificent result all in an entrancing time-lapse. While the finished piece is alluring in and of itself, it's the whole operation that is truly captivating.
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