This Adorable Baby Is Endlessly Amused By Dandelions

May 2, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
If you think the dad in this video looks familiar, chances are that you've seen him performing on television. In addition to being a children's author and popular YouTube vlogger, Tom Fletcher is the co-founder of McFly. McFly is a band that has sold over 7 million records in 12 years. All told, Fletcher has written 22 top-ten singles, some for other bands, such as One Direction.

Fletcher is certainly a man of many talents, but perhaps his biggest accomplishment is his relationship with his young son, Buzz. Recently, during a walk in a meadow, the duo bonded over a dandelion in the most adorable way. Buzz had never seen one before, and when dad introduces the strange plant, hilarity ensues. It's a special moment that Tom will treasure forever.
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