This Baby Is Not Afraid Of A Little Dance-Off

Mar 17, 2015
It's wonderful to see parents enjoying their children, and, in this case, mom and dad are both there with their young son. Daddy is challenging his little man to a dance-off and mommy is there to get it all on camera. Admittedly, the infant is not technically dancing here, but he certainly understands there is a routine.

He knows when he is to start moving and when to stop. It is clearly not the first time the two have stood "toe to toe" on the dance floor, or bed, as some may call it.

This sweet boy certainly has picked up his daddy's skills and soon may be a member of a team on America's Best Dance Crew. In the original YouTube description, dad even says, "Looks like he showed me." Many would agree that dad put up a fight, and it seems as if this is only the beginning of this little guy's dance career.
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