This Boxer Puppy Has A Very Funny Reaction To His First Taste Of Lime

Jun 15, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
A boxer puppy gets his hands on a lime wedge, and so naturally he tries to eat it. He's never had limes before so his owner, Claire Moore, recorded his first reaction. The puppy, called Topper, doesn't disappoint, bobbing his head up and down from the unbelievable sourness of the lime. The funniest thing is that he seems to like it and keeps going back for more. Apparently, Topper moves his head like that whenever he gets excited, so it seems he may have enjoyed himself.

Limes and other forms of citrus fruit are toxic to animals like dogs and cats in large quantities, and most pet deterrent sprays will have some kind of citrus oil in them. The toxic components are in the rind but it would take much larger quantities than a single lime wedge to be harmful, particularly to a dog of Topper's size. Still, it's generally best to keep pets away from citrus. If you are ever in any doubt about what to give your pet, always call your vet first.
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