This Boy Tragically Drowned, But He Didn't Develop Symptoms 'Til Long After He Left The Water

Jun 30, 2015 By Herbert Collier
One of the most common ways to beat the summer heat is to take a dip in a pool or at the local beach. After a long winter, many of us look forward to spending some time in the water, but safety should always be on everyone's mind. While inhaling water is always a danger, slips and falls on wet surfaces can also land you in the hospital. It's always important to review water safety with your family and loved ones to help prevent accidents from occurring.

In what is a rare and tragic case, this South Carolina mother lost her son after a day of swimming. The situation was particularly mysterious as he passed away a full hour after he left the pool and had walked home. What happened that day is something every parent must see.
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