This Cattle Auctioneer Might Be The Next Great Rapper

Sep 7, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Auctioneers have a skill set that's incomparable to almost any other job, except maybe that of a rapper. The ability to rapidly shout out the names of bidders and the amount of money they're bidding might not immediately bring to mind the greats of hip-hop, but when you set it to a beat the similarities become apparent.

Thankfully you don't have to have any production skills to find out for yourself. The Internet has already made proof for you. Behold the glory of the cattle auctioneer rap song. Jay-Z might not have to worry about this gentleman as competition for now, but if he sees this video and decides to go all in on the rap game we see a bright future ahead of him. Cattle ranchers need rap idols too.
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