This Comedian Is Making It His Mission To Bring Laughter To The Places That Need It The Most

Apr 17, 2015
Comedian Michael Jr. believes that laughter is "tangible evidence of hope." It is this perspective that sets him apart from other comedians and allows him to entertain audiences from homeless shelters to the "Tonight Show." Michael's approach to his shows focuses on his routine's accountability standards. He believes if he is in a club, his material must be clean enough that he could share it in a church. And if he is sharing his material from the pulpit, it needs to be funny enough for a club.

Michael's entrance into comedy is a story that conjures up the "everything happens for a reason" adage. One night, in a Grand Rapids, Michigan movie theater, the projector went out. As people became restless, he hopped up in front of the crowd and began to crack jokes. When the theater's employees tried to make him stop, the audience begged for him to stay and continue.
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