This Exotic Destination Lets You Play With Liquid Sand.

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After a recent trip to Merzouga, Morocco, Manual Meier uploaded a video to his YouTube account that showed him playing in the sands of the Sahara Desert. This video was mesmerizing, not necessarily because of what Meier was doing, but more because of how the sand reacted to his actions. It almost appeared as though the sand was a liquid.

As Meier digs holes in the sand, they almost immediately fold in on themselves, giving the sand a liquid quality. The cause of the illusion is the texture and size of the grains of sand. Sand in the Sahara is not only extremely fine but also very small.

The Sahara Desert is the world's largest subtropical hot desert and third largest overall (behind the Antarctic and Artic). The desert spans across 11 African countries. Known for its gale force winds that create monstrous sandstorms, the Sahara's dunes are often outrageously high (sometimes at 500 meters).