This Footage Of Niagara Falls Makes The Gigantic Look Tiny

Aug 9, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
Everyone knows that a favorite trick of filmmakers is using tiny models to simulate full scale objects. A famous example is the Death Star, mistaken for a moon in "Star Wars," it was actually a relatively small model built in a studio parking lot. Many a laugh has been had over the old classic monster movie effect of filming an ordinary animal up close and turning it into a monster on screen. While many photographers and filmmakers are obsessed with making smaller things seem larger than they are, a select few are passionate about achieving the opposite effect.

The art of miniature faking is associated with special lenses that both tilt and shift in relation to the camera, hence the common name for the illusion of "tilt-shift" photography. In the digital age, this optical trickery is easier than ever, but requires a careful hand to affect just the right depth of field and speed the film up to just the right speed to make one of the world's most famous water features seem like something you might see in your own bathtub. The talented folks at Wise Guys have nailed this technique in this delightful footage of Niagara Falls.
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