This Freestyle Drummer Plays For A Great Cause

Mar 18, 2015
Ralph Nader and Harvey Thompson both grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and have made music the center of their lives. They are a performing arts duo that is "trying to change the world one beat at a time." The two talented young men have collaborated to create the Bring Your Own Style (BYOS) movement, which encourages people to creatively express themselves through music. Their intent is to build an appreciation for the arts.

The duo uses performances to bring awareness to the movement. Combining traditional show band methods with modern drum corps techniques (often called chops), while incorporating visuals fused with a hip-hop-like feel, these two are able to capture most anyone's attention. It is this passion for their craft that drives BYOS to welcome and encourage other artists to collaborate with them and bring their abilities to a larger audience.
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