This Guy's Domino Contraptions Are Completely Mesmerizing

Aug 3, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
Everyone loves the idea of watching an awesome domino setup come tumbling down, but not many people have the patience required to actually put one together. There is something to be said for those who readily create impressive domino sculptures, taking hours to get everything right, with the knowledge that they'll all be ruined in a matter of seconds (or minutes, if they've really done a lot of work). Some people complete this fleeting task again and again, like TheDominoKing0197, who has definitely earned his name.

This particular video is called "Kinetic Chaos," displaying a series of kinetic, domino and stick bomb sculptures that he has completed. He notes in the description that every one of these worked on the first try, which is nothing to sneeze at. This guy has found something he loves to do, and we're lucky enough to witness the mesmerizing results.
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