This Is How You Ride A Custom Motorcycle.

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Imagine driving down the street and glancing in the rearview mirror to see one of the aliens from the "Predator" movie franchise coming up from behind. Although a situation like this might cause most people to take a second glance, others tend to grab their phones and record the craziness that they are seeing.

The aliens are featured in five "Predator" movies, and yet the name of the alien race is never specifically identified. The names Yautja and Hish-qu-Ten have been used alternatively in the movies to describe the species. Known to be hunters with technological advancements that far exceed human capabilities, the aliens are scary characters.

The design of the aliens was created by special effects makeup artist Stan Winston. His studio created all the physical effects for "Predator" and "Predator 2" including the body suit and the mechanical devices used for facial effects.