This Is Literally A Wild Goose Chase, And It's Extraordinary

Aug 14, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Talk about a literal wild goose chase! While driving his pickup truck through the Canadian countryside near Alberta, he noticed a goose wandering around aimlessly on a gravel road, presumably lost. When he got out to see if it was alright, the bird seemed to sense his compassion and started to follow him, so he decided to get back into his truck and try to lead it to some water. He drove it to nearby Shining Bank Lake and the goose appeared glad to be there.

Canadian geese are natives of the temperate and colder regions of North America, though they has been introduced to other regions of the world as well. People tend to have a negative view of geese because they tend to have loud aggressive behavior towards other animals and humans, but this particular goose was definitely one of the nicer ones.
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