This Is What The United States Army And Your Nearest Ski Resort Have In Common

Mar 19, 2015
The United States Army's 10th Mountain Division came to be during WWII. It was the result of fears of a winter attack on the Northeast coast and the knowledge that Germany already had three such divisions. Further push for its creation came in 1939, when heavily outnumbered Finnish soldiers frustrated Soviet invaders by using the rugged winter terrain to their advantage, and again in 1941, when Greek mountain troops routed unprepared Italian soldiers in the Albanian mountains. A few months later, with proof that such a troop was warranted, the 10th Mountain division was born.

The 10th has seen action in numerous campaigns, including one in Italy during WWII that was turned into the 1996 movie "Fire On The Mountain." They were also prominently featured in the book and film adaptations of "Black Hawk Down."
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