This Kid's Hands Move So Quickly, They'll Make You Dizzy

Jul 24, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
William Orrell has a rather unique talent. He holds the top spot among the world's sport stackers, with a number of world records under his belt. Sport stacking is the sport of stacking cups, developing hand-eye coordination, speed and focus among its participants. In a competitive setting, sport stacking has five major divisions, separated by the number of cups on the table (in groups of three or six), the sequence of stacks (how many cups are stacked in a certain position), and groups (either doubles, where two people use only one hand each to stack the same group of cups, or relays).

At this particular competition, in Columbus, Georgia, Orrell completed a cycle stack in just five seconds, beating his previous record by a tenth of a second. He's proven, once again, that he is the world's fastest stacker.
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