This Orangutan Thinks He's The Designated Babysitter For A Group Of Adorable Little Tigers

May 13, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Proof that love comes in all shapes and sizes, this adorable orangutan from Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina has become a favorite babysitter for two tiger cubs. Hanama is a 3-year-old male orangutan who spends his days cuddling, feeding and playing with Skukuzza and Simh, who are both male tiger cubs.

According to Hanama's keepers, he wanted to imitate what he'd seen the tigers' human caregivers doing. The bond was instant, and now the cubs and the ape are inseparable. He loves to cuddle the cubs and even helps with their bottle feeding. Sadly, once the cubs are a little older they will have to be separated from Hanama since they'll be a little too large for him to safely handle.
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