This Poor Cat's Cute, Romantic Gesture Goes Hilariously Wrong

Feb 14, 2015
"Simon's Cat" is a hugely popular online cartoon series. It started in 2008 when English animator Simon Tofield put up a video called "Cat Man Do" featuring a tenacious cat trying very hard to get his owner to wake up and feed him. That video became hugely viral (with 50+ million views and counting), and even won "Best Comedy" at the British Animation Awards that year.

Since then, "Simon's Cat" has become hugely popular with over 3 million YouTube subscribers, a book series, a comic strip in the Daily Mirror, and specially made short films released by Walt Disney Studios. Tofield has four cats in real life - Teddy, Hugh, Jess and Maisie. He draws inspiration for his work from all of them, though he admits much of it comes from Hugh.
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