This Suit Shows You Precisely Why Taking Care Of Your Health Now Is So Important For The Future

Aug 4, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
With age comes wisdom, experience and a lifetime of (hopefully) treasured memories, but unfortunately it also comes with a loss of muscle mass, weaker bones, gray hair (and/or hair loss) and other physical signs of wearing down. Thanks to better health care people are living longer than ever before, but the quality of life for many seniors is less than desirable - basically, we're able to keep people alive, but poor lifestyles make those extra years pretty rough. That's why it's so important to take care of yourself throughout your youth so that you can still be active and healthy well into your golden years.

In order to make that point more explicit, a company called Genworth has developed an exo-suit that people can wear to experience for themselves how aging will affect their bodies. From hearing and vision to loss of muscle mass, bone density and spinal balance, the suit takes you inside the body of your 70-year-old self. The experience is meant to give people a greater appreciation for their bodies and ideally, to inspire them to take better care of themselves now to prevent issues in the future.
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