This Wakeboarder Is Pleasantly Surprised When She's Joined By A Family Of Dolphins

Feb 11, 2016 By Archit Tripathi

There's nothing quite like spending a day relaxing and having fun out on the water, but it's important to remember that we're playing in someone else's backyard. The oceans are home to some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with a million described species of plants and animals (scientists speculate there could be as many as 9 million more currently undiscovered). If you're someone who's out in the water a lot, you’ve come to expect the occasional contact with a fish. What happens in this video, however, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

Wyatt Miller was out with some friends from the La Ventana Pro-Windsurf crew, enjoying a day of watersports in the Sea of Cortez, just off the coast of Mexico. As he’s filming a friend who was wakeboarding, a family of dolphins appear almost out of nowhere, coming up from right underneath her. Naturally, everyone is amazed by the encounter and one man even says "We're gonna make a YouTube sensation with this!" With over 13 million views to date, he wasn't wrong.

Dolphins are highly intelligent and incredibly playful creatures. They're smart enough to not bump into the woman on the wakeboard, and thankfully, she's smart enough to keep her balance and stay fairly steady so as not to accidentally scare or harm them somehow. Much like humans, dolphins love to play and surf in the water with their friends too, and it's likely that these dolphins approached the boat due to the wake that it creates being fun for them to surf in.

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