This Young Baseball Player Makes A Miracle Leap To Avoid The Out

Apr 6, 2015
Baseball scouts around the country are probably committing the name "Devin Avedissian" to memory right now. After a wild pitch gave him a chance to break for home, the 11-year-old was sure to be tagged out by the waiting catcher. At the perfect moment, however, he leapt into the air to avoid the tag and was declared "safe" by the umpire. Though the move is illegal in some tournaments (especially high school), it was perfectly legal here.

Devin, a.k.a. "Mighty Mouse," managed to score a key home run in a late inning for his team, the Force from Murrieta, California. This was the semifinals for this year's San Marcos Wood Bat Tournament, and his team went on to win the game 9-5. They then went on to win the Silver Championship game 7-1.
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