Three Generations, Three Weddings, One Dress.

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There’s an old wedding tradition that says brides must wear “something old, new, borrowed and blue.” Though it is not exactly clear where that tradition started, it is meant to represent the bride’s past, present and future. Not every bride abides by this rule, but when they do it is usually a neat demonstration of the importance of tradition. 

No one quite knows tradition like this family. Sarah was about to get married to her beloved fiance Johnathan, but there is something she needed to do before of became official. Her mom and grandma shared a very unique wedding tradition. Both of them got married on the same date and in the exact same dress. Sarah didn’t want to let the tradition die so she made sure to schedule her wedding to match up with the previous two and had the old dress brought back out. 

 “As soon as I put it on and held the veil onto the back of my head, I knew that I wouldn’t be trying on any other dresses," Sarah said. According to Sarah, the dress fit perfectly and she was ecstatic to carry out the tradition that her mom and grandmother started.