Timelapse Video Shows Dogs Eagerly Awaiting The Arrival Of Their New Baby Brother

Jun 6, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
The YouTube channel TheDunderBoy is usually reserved for Dunder himself. Dunder is a 5-year-old German shepherd who enjoys showing off his many talents on his channel, Instagram account or Facebook wall. Although he loves the spotlight, Dunder will sometimes share the screen with his buddy, Munster. They even have their own shared website. Munster is a rescued (and now adopted) 3-year-old terrier mix and is also Dunder's brother and best friend. Because Munster adores his big brother and strives to be like him, he also has his own social media sites. But, as Dunder shared on his Facebook wall, a new member has been added to the pack, and his name is Baby Dylan.

Baby Dylan's first appearance on YouTube was actually more about his mom and their sunny California home than about Dylan. As Dylan's mommy progresses in her pregnancy, it's fun to watch the room change around her and the two dogs awaiting the third brother in the pack. Based on their recent social media posts, both dogs are enjoying young Dylan and are never far from his side. But, we will all have to wait to see how they do once Dylan becomes mobile.
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