Tom Brady Jumps Off A Cliff While On Vacation.

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Did anyone else hear that strange sound on Saturday morning? If those who heard it wondered what it was, it was the entire New England Patriots nation breathing a collective sigh of relief, as famed Quarterback Tom Brady safely bobbed back to the top of the water in a video he posted to his Facebook page.

Brady has been busy celebrating his Super Bowl XLIX win with a family trip to Costa Rica. Throughout the vacation, Brady has shared pictures of fun family moments, like when his kids (two with wife Gisele Bundchen and one from a previous relationship), buried him in the sand.

During the trip, he also elected to jump off a rather high cliff, plunging into the water below. It was this clip that had fans up in arms. One lamented that he was proud of Brady for the jump, but he'd like to see him wrapped in bubble wrap now. Likely, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick feels the same.