Unborn Baby Has Amazing Reaction To Dad Blowing Raspberries On Mom's Pregnant Belly

May 12, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Scientists believe that babies develop basic hearing in the womb at around 23 weeks. Even though they are surrounded by amniotic fluid and their mother's body, they can start to perceive muffled, low-pitch sounds like the mother's breathing and the sound of her pulse. After a while, they can also hear other sounds, such as cell phones, car alarms and their mother's voice. In fact, it's been demonstrated that the baby's heart rate accelerates when he/she hears mom's voice, and by week 24 most can turn their heads in response to sound.

In this video, we can clearly see that babies in the womb can hear things and also react to them. As the father blows a raspberry (makes a rude noise) on his wife's pregnant belly, the baby visibly tries to move away from the source of the noise. Clearly, this baby has already got a great sense of class and propriety.
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