Underwater Shockwaves Instantly Turn Vegetables Into Juice.

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Leave your NutriBullet on the shelf because a Japanese company has just figured out how to juice your favorite vegetables in the most unique way ever. If you've ever fantasized about just being able to stick a straw right into a ripe juicy tomato to get to that tomato juice goodness, this is going to be right up your alley.

Japanese food company Kagome teamed up with the Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory to subject vegetables to a high-velocity underwater shockwave in order to liquefy their insides without causing damage to the outer structure. The vegetables are carefully placed in an underwater chamber at specific positions and then wrapped in a protective film so that the shock forces only affect their insides.

According to the video's disclaimer, "The technology used for this experiment was invented by Dr. Shigeru Ito;. A professor emeritus, at the University of Kumamoto (Current principal at Okinawa National College of Technology) [...] For the sake of safety, simulated explosives were used for some scenes."