Wacky Dentist Seems To Be Having A Little Too Much Fun At Work

May 30, 2015 By Houston Barber
Meet the coolest dentist ever. This is Dr. John K Sudick, and he's using some unconventional methods to draw patients to his practice. His office is located in Los Angeles, California and, with the skills demonstrated in his latest advertisement, might be making the jump to Hollywood very soon.

The short ad was shot and directed by Dr. Sudick's son, who might have just made his Dad the hippest dentist in America. Dr. Sudick has shot three different ads over the past year, all of which can be viewed on his YouTube channel JohnKSudickDDS. Many Americans live in fear of going to the dentist, but if there were more dentists like this, getting your teeth cleaned would no doubt be the best day of your year.
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