Watch A 12-Year-Old Boy Beat Tennis Great Roger Federer With An Incredible Shot

Mar 14, 2015
Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov played an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden. In tennis, there are so many rules to the game, but in an exhibition match, all rules are off the table. Things got a little crazy when Dimitrov pulled a young boy from the stands who was probably around 12 years old.

According to the official men's tennis rankings from the Association of Tennis Professionals, Federer is currently ranked number two in the world. So, this little guy who just stepped on the court shouldn't be a worry, right? Wrong. Not only did the little man hold his own in a friendly rally against the 17-time Grand Slam champion, he won the point. Federer's smile said it all. Two greats might have been on the court, but the young man from the crowd stole the show.
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