Watch A Master Doll Maker At Work

Aug 28, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
The Japanese Kokeshi doll is one of the seemingly most simple treasures of the toy world. Hand carved from wood, these dolls are little more than a simple trunk and with a slightly oversized head. Once they are built the dolls are decorated with small amount of delicate fine lines on the face, and floral patterns on their bodies. Friends often exchange them with written messages hidden inside them.

Creating this deceptively simple doll takes hours of painstaking work as you can see in the video above. With precise cuts on a single spinning block of wood the artist slowly carves away until a head and body appear. The hypnotic sounds of soft carving, blend into the video's beautiful score, and by the end you'll wish you could send the artist a Kokeshi doll of your own, with a lovely thank you note inside for their hard work.
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