Watch The Surprising Way This Guy Gets Out Of Having His Car Towed

Apr 2, 2015
YouTube user Tony Marengo has lived in the same apartment in downtown Chicago for ten years. He commented to a local television station, CBS 2 Chicago, that he sees multiple cars each day being towed from the Walgreen's parking lot that sits at the corner of Clark and Ontario, and this day seemed to be no different. It was when he realized there was a driver still in the car (a white Jeep) that he started to record the incident. Marengo explained to the news station that he could hear the driver of the Jeep yelling to get the tow truck driver's attention when the tow truck suddenly stopped.

It is not clear to Marengo, nor on the video, if the tow truck driver was stopping because he heard the person in the Jeep or not. Many viewers online have defended the Jeep driver's actions, and the towing company refuses to comment regarding their driver's decision to tow a car with a person inside of it.
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