Watch These Cute Corgis Race To Name The New Royal Baby

Mar 26, 2015
The Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup considers itself to be the world's first corgi race, held for a very good reason - to name the new Royal Baby. Arranged by Ladbrokes, a United Kingdom-based online betting company, the race was done to get ahead of the curve on a soon-to-be focus of the U.K.'s media over the course of the next month.

The corgi was a fitting selection for the baby race. Both breeds, the Cardigan and Pembroke, of Welsh corgis are named after counties in Wales, where they originated. Traditionally considered herding dogs that relied on their low heights to avoid being kicked and their innate ability to nip at animals' heels, the dogs are also considered great pets.

They have been known to guard the children in families, including those of the Royal Family. A favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, she has had over 30 Pembroke corgis over the course of her reign.
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