Watch This Semi Truck Fly Through The Air And Break A World Record

Jul 27, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
Can a semi truck jump a gap over 100 feet? Gregg Godfrey proved that this distance is very possible to clear. These death-defying events are hard to categorize. Most assume the men and women behind the wheel are strictly adrenaline junkies looking to wow a crowd, but that is far from the truth for most. They recognize this as a sport and a pretty difficult one at that.

The previous world record for the longest jump in a semi truck was a whopping 50 feet. Ever since 2007, the Baja 1000 winner had kept his title, until EMC and the Lotus F1 team beat his record with an 83-foot jump in 2014. Gregg Godfrey is now pushing the boundaries even further, and he's doing it in style.
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