What REALLY Happens At School On A Snow Day.

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Snow days are everybody’s favorite day of the year. Not only do you get off from school, but so do all of your friends. It’s a day filled with snowball fights, ice skating and curling up by the fire. I used to love just staying by the window, drinking hot chocolate and playing board games. The possibilities are endless. But, contrary to some children’s beliefs, students aren’t the only ones who love a day off. 

Meet Principal Sean Martin. He works at Waterloo Elementary School in Maryland. Recently, the school was given a day off because of winter storm Jonas. So Principal Martin wanted to give his students an inside look at what principals do when the school is shut down. As he put it, it’s all “in the spirit of transparency.” 

In the video, the principal dances through the halls, plays in the gym and messes around in the cafeteria. He basically lives out every student’s fantasies. In one touching moment, Mr. Martin singles out a janitor at the school who came in to work despite the treacherous conditions. The students of Waterloo Elementary are certainly lucky to have someone like Principal Martin as their leader, even if he is not that great at basketball.