What's The Difference Between A $1 And A $1,000 Pizza?

Sep 17, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
In 2014, the website Eater conducted a study that found the national average cost of a pizza is $13.21. Today we're looking at two outliers of that number; a $1 a slice and a pizza that costs $1,000. Yes, $1,000.

As someone who has done years of in-depth personal research into pizza -- from deep dish to your traditional Napoletana pie, I've got to be honest. This $1,000 pizza is a hard sell simply from a flavor perspective. Setting aside the cost, the addition of wasabi is a bridge too far and seems to threaten to overpower the already intense flavors of caviar, lobster, and creme fraiche making up each slice.

Then we have the humble $1 slice. Look at it. That slice is a work of art. Crispy crust, simple red sauce, and lots of cheese. It's everything you could want from a basic slice of pizza and priced to move to everyone rich and poor alike. That being said we are willing to be proven wrong. If anyone would like to donate $1,000, I promise to go to New York and taste test the $1,000 pizza. Until then I will keep celebrating the joys of dollar pizza, and thank the heavens a whole pie can obtained for just $13.21 across this great land.
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