When Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids Which Parent They Love More, They Get Brutally Honest.

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Jimmy Kimmel is going to be responsible for a bunch of really awkward family dinners for some folks. After reading a poll that said three out of four kids would rather spend time with mom over dad, Kimmel decided that the data needed to be backed up with hard evidence.

Various unsuspecting families were stopped on the street and the kids were asked to name a favorite parent. The results were clearly in favor of moms everywhere. A few kids tried to be diplomatic, but ultimately when pressed to make a choice, they still chose mom.

Of course, it's not hard to see why. In most cases, mom is the parent that kids spend the most time with, since dad is generally at work all day. Moms tend to make the meals, kiss any scraped knees, tend to sick kids (and husbands, but that's another day) and are just generally always there. Add to that the fact that, the child spent nine months physically attached to their mothers, and it's no wonder that kids feel a stronger affinity for mom.