Who Knew Extreme Sports Could Feel So Much Like Meditation?

Jul 26, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
Like a deep breath, the patter of rain, or a Joanna Newsom song, there are certain things that have an inherent calming effect. A man tearing around a dirt track on a bike to the strains of classic rock doesn't seem like it would make that list, but there are exceptions to every rule. Even for extreme sports filmed from the back of a truck.

Brandon Semenuk is one talented mountain biker. Growing up in British Columbia it's no surprise his bike became an extension of his body. Teton Gravity Research is similarly dedicated to one thing: filming athletes at their best. The collaboration that resulted in this case is garnering a lot of attention. Not only because it might just be the longest single shot in sports film history, but because of the amazingly beautiful scenery and the incredible sense of serenity this film evokes, beyond all reason.
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